There are many things that needs to be maintained. Just like a car, when you are continually using it, over time, it will wear down and break. Think about your garage door. Over a year, there are many times it goes high and low. The tendency is that your garage door will be damaged because of constant movement. Even so, garage door can still be repaired. We will just impart to you a little bit of idea on the usual types of garage door damages and how to repair it. 

Garage Door

Weather Seal Replacement 

Weather-stripping is a kind of garage door repair which anyone can do because it is not too complicated. It can protect your garage from the pest and dirt outside as well as keeps the cold and warm in the inside. 

In replacing the weather seal, you need to open your garage, to remove the old seal and place the new seal. During the installation of the new seal, the flat part is going to be at the bottom and the sloped edge should be facing on the outer side. Cut out the material that you don’t need anymore. 

After you put your weather seal replacement you need to test the garage door and make sure that it opens and closes without any bumps. Make sure that the adjustments are appropriate. 

Installing weather seals helps you to have a warmer and cleaner garage in any season even if its winter or summer. 

Spring Replacement 

When your garage door is hard to raise, probably the spring is busted. Spring is essential because it helps to lift the entire garage door. You need to replace the spring right away for you to use your garage door properly. 

Replacing the spring by yourself is not highly recommended because there is a spring tension that you need to suppress. It is very dangerous to do it alone because it may cause you an injury. You need to be knowledgeable in replacing it properly. I encourage you to seek professional advice regarding on that matter. 

Busted Cables 

Cables are an essential part just like garage door springs. Cables and the springs are working simultaneously. As the spring provides the tension, the cable is stretched to pull the weight of the entire garage door. 

Over a certain period of time, the cable may wear and tear in constant usage. The door may stick up if the cable is busted. You need to repair it right away because if the door will be stuck halfway, it may fall and cause severe damage. 

When you change the cables, you need to have specialized equipment and professional graded tools. We encourage you to hire someone who is knowledgeable and expert because it will give you high quality work. 

If you are not sure if you can do all the repair alone, much better that you seek professional advice from an expert garage door repair Aurora. The list that I gave may be sound simple but it will become hard if you are inexperienced and not knowledgeable about garage door repair.