How to Spot Hail Damage on Your Roof 

In 2016, the NOAA Severe Weather Database documented at least 5, 600 large hail storms. The damage it has done to properties is massive, especially to local homeowners and business owners. You might not be aware of what extent the hail storm can do to your roof; you might not even notice these damages right away. It is essential to check your roof after a storm, whatever kind it is. These damages will become larger in the future and will cause you significant problems. So, better inspect your roof. The following are the ways to do it.  


What is Hail? 

But first, let’s discuss what is hail and why does it cause great damages to properties? Hail is a kind of precipitation where the air updrafts in thunderstorms and carries raindrops into the clouds’ upper level, where it has below freezing temperature. A particle of ice forms around, then it drops within the cloud, picks up more moisture then gets caught in another updraft. A strong updraft makes the hailstone circulates more until it drops toward the ground because the gravity cannot contain it up there.  

Signs of Hail Damage on Roofs 

You cannot see the hail damage on your roof from the ground, that’s why you have to go up there. But thankfully there are signs that a trained eye can pinpoint. The presence of one or more of the signs means that you might need a complete roof replacement instead of repairs. Call the assistance of for this job.  

Dented Gutters

Look for dented screens, gutters or downspouts. This sign may not always be present to the roof, but if the hail is too strong, it might damage the gutters. Most of the time, the gutters will be heavily dented. However, you should also look out for small damages.  

Damaged Sidings and Windowsills

Check your home’s windowsills and sidings. If a hailstorm hit your area, chances are your sidings and windowsills will have dings, dents and other signs of impact. If you can see damages on these things, what could be more in your roof? Also, check the exposed metal surfaces, if they have faint dings, then you should be alarmed.  

Damage to Outdoor Items

Check the area of your home. When you’re done with the things we mentioned above, check your outdoor items like the air conditioner. Make a note of everything that has damage. Check the porch, shed, decks and a separate garage.  

Damaged Roof Vents and Shingles

Before you go up the roof, make sure you wear the necessary protective gear to avoid slipping and falling. Once you’re up there, check the chimney, vents, skylights, and others. Check the vents for dings, dents and chipped surfaces. For chimney covers, running a chalk sideways will help you determine the hail impact points.  

Lastly, check the shingles. It will be obvious to tell if the shingles have damage. Check the granules if some of them are loose. It will compromise the condition of the shingles and will lead to a roof leak.   

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Popular Methods of Car Disposal

Car disposal is a famous choice for a lot of individuals who have cars that are very old. You might have no use anymore for the vehicle. However, you cannot just leave it anywhere, especially on the side of a road. There are different methods that you could properly dispose your vehicle. Aside from that, several of the choices are “green” methods and would be great for the environment. Here are few of the most famous ways of scrap car disposal. 


Car Donation 

This might be the most commonly used choice of the methods. Vehicle donation has some good benefits. By donating the vehicle, you would be supporting a charity. Then, the charity would sell the vehicle, and the earnings would go to the charity. Any cash that they could make would be very helpful because charities are nonprofit organizations. Another advantage is that you could get a tax deduction for the donation. To get anything of your taxes off is a big plus, considering that the vehicle pretty much does not have worth anymore. It is okay if your car doesn’t run since it still could be donated. It could still have few values, whether it will be in parts, metal, or scraps. Be careful that there are car donation frauds scattered in the world. So, do some research about the organization before you donate your vehicle. 

Vehicle Recycling 

Car recycling is a good green option in disposing your vehicle. It is pretty much a donation to a car junk yard or salvage yard if your vehicle is in its worst shape. You could sell it to them for a cash where they could part your vehicle out if it still operates and has few great parts. A lot of the parts of the vehicle, such as the steel, windows, engine, and other parts could be reused and saved as well. You must ensure that you find a great yard to do it if you really care about being friendly to the environment. Some pants cut corners and do not correctly remove few of the items that could be toxic like a brake fluid, even though you have the good idea by recycling the vehicle. This could harm our environment. 

Trade In 

You could use always it as a trade in for your next car if your vehicle still has some value and still runs. It is still the same as a coupon that you can used for your next auto, even if it’s worth is less than hundred dollars or thousand dollars. The auto dealership would either part the car out and do the recycling for you or resell the vehicle. There still are few dealerships that are providing the same type of deals, although the “Money for Clunkers” government refund occasion has gone away. Instead, they offer you an assured cash amount for the vehicle, even if it is not worth that money.  

There are a lot of towing services, such as Missoula Towing Service, that offer car disposal.

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Are Maid Services for you?

If you are still having second thoughts on hiring a maid in your home, you have come to right place because we would like to help you in the best way we can and that is to inform you about the benefits or the advantages that you could get for yourself and your family if you are going to hire a maid for you home.  

 Maid Services


We really hope that this article will interest you and that it would provide you with information that you surely need in order to make sure that you are doing the right and the best thing for everyone in the family. We hope that you would finish reading this to have a full grasp of what hiring maid services could really bring to your tables.  

First of all, all we want is a clean home to come home to. Especially if you are a busy bee and you do a lot of work in the morning, it would be such a relaxation for you if your home is clean and free from clutter in your home. This is also good in lifting your smiles from your faces because once you are living in an organized and clean environment, you will feel so much lighter and this will totally change your mood into a better one. But, cleanliness in the home is very hard to maintain and we totally understand where you are coming from but need not to worry because this is what maid services are maid services for, to assist us when you truly need them during hard times.  

Another benefit is when there is no need for you to buy and repurchase cleaning items anymore. You will not need to store them into a safe place where it is not within the reach of your children or your pets. Cleaning supplies are very important if you are going to clean your house on your own, but if you are going to hire a maid service then you obviously need not to buy any of those because they are going to bring their own and it is also included on the things that you are paying for.  

If there is anyone who you are going to let inside your home and clean your belongings, it should be the professional maids because they have enough experience, therefore, they know techniques that should be used in order to make sure that your belongings are safe, they also have the right tools that should be used in order to maintain its cleanliness and they also have the knowledge about cleaning and this will assure you that nothing bad will happen to your belongings at home. If unfortunately, a glass breaks, the cleaning company is going to pay it for you because this is included in their insurance. This is why you have to make sure that you are hiring the right company. One way to make sure that they are really the one for you is to check out the inclusions of their insurance. You should hire the company who could provide you with everything that you need to be safe.

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